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Our Short Sale Process For Sellers

We are direct buyers of short sales. No need to hire an agent and we offer our short sale services completely FREE. If you’re looking for short sale experts that negotiate and advocate for the seller (NOT the bank), without all the expense, then talk to your local professionals at People First Real Estate Advisors. We can offer this for FREE, because we are DIRECT BUYERS, so we’re not looking to get paid by a seller that is already experiencing a hardship, doesn’t have equity to sell any other way, and may not have thousands of dollars to bring to the table.. We get paid by negotiating with the bank. Even if we do not want to directly buy your house ourselves, you can still get access to our short sale negotiator! We always want to be transparent and straightforward, so please note that while we do not charge the homeowner anything, our short sale negotiator does get paid by the bank. It’s negotiated into the short sale agreement, so you don’t need to pay out of your pocket.

When Is A Short Sale Right For Me?

Every situation is different. While it’s difficult to put exact criteria on when to do a short sale, here’s our opinion on the matter. If you can no longer afford the house, you have missed one or more payments, AND you either don’t have the equity to sell otherwise or owe more than the house is worth in it’s current condition, then a short sale may be a great option for you. We’re able to buy houses many different ways and we always suggest exploring all options available to you. In the above described scenario, we would suggest first exploring if we can buy subject to the existing mortgage. If this isn’t a good fit for you, then a short sale is probably the next best option. In our opinion, it’s often better than deed in lieu of foreclosure, or foreclosure itself.


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