5 Signs of a Reliable Home Buying Company in St Louis

Did you know there are ways to sell your house, other than for sale by owner or taking the time and expense to list with a Realtor? Home buying companies play a significant role in the real estate industry. Whether the home owner can’t wait out the traditional home listing process, there’s not enough equity, or they simply want to avoid all the headaches and uncertainty, there is another viable solution for home owners. When deciding to sell a home, whether listing with an agent, selling yourself, or working with a reputable “as-is” home buyer, it’s important to be confident you chose a credible company. Let’s quickly cover 5 signs of a reliable home buying company in St Louis.

Focus The Home Owners Needs (not the house)

It’s obvious when someone cares more about the person and solving their problems than their bottom line, and this is a sign of a trustworthy home buying company in St Louis. Positive solutions come from all parties openly discussing their wants, needs, and goals without judgment. If your home buyer is doing all the talking or isn’t asking questions and spending time listening to your needs, then it’s probably a sign to call someone else. A good home buyer will analyze the situation and offer advice and solutions best suited for your needs, even if that means NOT buying your home and referring to another industry professional, such as a Realtor or lender. Reputable home buyers should also have information on assistance programs and alternatives for hardships, such as programs to help the elderly or ways to stop a foreclosure. A good company will show expertise and make you feel that they are focused on the reasons you are selling, rather than focusing on the house. If they’re not listening or something feels off in your gut when you meet, it’s probably time to walk away.

No Pressure

Are you being pressured into signing? Are they telling you they may not be able to buy tomorrow or that you need to make a decision right away? While some homeowners are ready to sell after talking or meeting one time, others need some time and nobody should ever feel pressured into signing, especially if they haven’t had time to review and understand the agreement. Ethical home buyers will give you all the time you need to make a decision that best fits your needs. If you’re being pressured into closing without the involvement of any other professionals, such as a reputable title company, consider this a huge red flag. With so many people needing help and seeking alternatives to the traditional real estate listing now more than ever, there should be no need for a company to make you feel pressured into a deal.

No Fees, Commissions, and Expenses

Are you being told to pay fees, commissions, or expenses? An experienced home buying company will make their offer with all repairs and costs included. While these should typically be covered, run the other way if they’re requiring an up front payment before the house is even sold! You don’t want to be left with holding a worthless piece of paper and out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to scammers.


Do they have a website that’s maintained? What about their social media, such as Facebook? Are they on Google My Business? Check if they have regularly posted over a long period of time, which is an indication you’re working with a well-established home buying company in Missouri. As with anything, it’s also good to check if they have any reviews or testimonials. Do they have any videos of them speaking to how they’ve helped others or showing them out and about in the field? Sometimes it’s nice just to put a face to the company. Do they have online advertising and signs? Does everything look thrown together or is it generally well designed? While looks can certainly be deceiving and a lot can be said about a hard worker pulling up in a beat up work truck, a put together company (and more importantly testimonials and video evidence) can simply be another good sign that many overlook.

Guaranteed Closing

Is your home buyer seeming timid, fearful, or lacking confidence? Are they pushing the closing back more than 30 days? A quality home buying company should be able to easily close within 30 days at the very most, unless specifically requested otherwise by the home owner or to accommodate the homeowner due to a special situation. We usually set our closings within 14 days and when needed we can sometimes close in as little as 2! Beyond just closing date, they should be communicating what you can expect during the process and staying in contact. If you call with questions or concerns, you shouldn’t be left waiting. You should get a prompt response.

People First Real Estate Advisors fits this bill. We’ve dealt with a variety of situations and invite you to learn more about us or even meet us for a FREE consultation. If we’re not a fit, then no worries. We’re just glad to be a stepping stone on the path to your goals. We’ll answer every questions we possibly can, and if we don’t have an answer right away, we’ll be sure to follow up with one. And as always, we offer experienced based advice with no obligation. People First Real Estate Advisors has you covered. Contact us however you’re most comfortable. You can call (636) 206-4997, chat with us right here on our website, fill out the form below, or email us at [email] any time! We’re ready, willing, and able to help.

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Missouri. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call (636) 206-4997...
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