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Do you need to sell your home fast? Are you struggling to make your mortgage payments? Are you afraid at losing your home, because of current debt obligations? Worried about having to bring money to the closing table if you sell it? If you’re experiencing one of these problems, then our Mortgage Relief Service, where we make your mortgage payments until your house sells, may be the right option for you.

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Do you feel stuck in your home? Maybe you love your home, but you simply can’t afford it – whether getting into a loan that simply wasn’t in your best interest to begin with, or from experiencing a hardship, such as medical needs, death of a loved one, divorce, losing a job, etc. Maybe you were transferred for a job or got a new job and relocated, but were unable to sell your previous home. Some people simply outgrow their home and buy another. There’s a different story behind every person and every family. Whatever the situation, you’re not alone. An unexpected hardship or need to quickly sell commonly happens all across America.

When Should I Sell My Home This Way?

Like all other methods of selling your home, our Mortgage Relief Service is not a fit for all situations. I’m sorry to say there is no one-size-fits-all method of purchasing real estate, though my job would be much easier if there were. Instead, it’s important you consult with a professional that listens to your circumstances, understands where you currently are, listens to your goals and where you want to be, then advises on what option(s) sound like a solution that may work. While it takes a conversation to find out if this may be a fit for your circumstances, when we buy houses this way it’s generally tailored to home owners that want to sell or need to sell, but are unable or fail to sell their home for various reasons. Even beautiful houses in a seller’s market still sometimes fail to sell, whether by owner, on the MLS with an agent, or otherwise. While there are various scenarios where our Mortgage Relief Service commonly fits, in general the main reasons are:
  1. Low equity, no equity, or even negative equity (sometimes called upside down or underwater on the mortgage) – While this is more common in a downward trending market, many don’t realize that lack of equity is still extremely common in a great seller’s market. Before I got into real estate and starting buying, fixing, selling, and renting homes, my wife and I had been in this situation ourselves. In our case we were lucky enough to walk away from the closing table with $100, but that’s only because our agent took a pay cut once the circumstances put us in a situation of losing money. Not only is it common for there to be low equity, but if you do the math on the cost to sell traditionally (commissions, holding costs, seller concessions, closing costs, repairs, etc.), what we call the real equity or net equity, is far different than the perceived equity or gross equity. See here for more information on net equity vs gross equity.
  2. A need to sell the home immediately; Rather than find an agent, list it, show it countless times, negotiate offers, then waiting and hoping that it passes all inspections, the buyers don’t get cold feet, it passes lending requirements, etc. and finally makes it to the closing table 30+ days later. Common scenarios for the need to quickly sell include home owners:


How Do I Sell My Home For More Money, Faster?

Our Mortgage Relief Service typically allows us to pay more for your home and close on it faster. While purchase price is influenced by several factors and while it’s not always possible, we can sometimes pay full price and close as fast as two days! This type of purchase typically takes one of two forms:
  1. For low/no equity homes – Typically they are well maintained, up to current standards, and move-in ready with very minimal work needed, we will make your mortgage payments until the house sells. This allows us to quickly relieve the burden of mortgage debt. This helps prevent you from coming out of pocket (bringing money to the closing table) and losing money with the sale of your home, something most Americans can’t afford.
  2. For homes ready or near ready to be listed for sale AND that have significant equity, we will make your mortgage payments, list it for sale, then share the profits with you when it sells. This scenario is typically only a fit for people that are about to lose their home soon, such as to tax auction or foreclosure, and can’t risk any delays.

What If I Have No Equity, But My Home Needs Repairs?

While we would need to look at your circumstances in more detail for an accurate picture, this sounds like a short sale may be a possible solution. No need to list with an agent for a short sale and you definitely should NOT be paying a short sale negotiator when results cannot be guaranteed (it all depends on the lender(s) and other shareholders agreeing on terms). We will buy these directly from you and handle the negotiations with the lender. If you want an industry expert fighting for you FOR FREE, then this may be a great option for you. For more information, visit our page discussing how we buy short sale homes.

What If My Home Has Equity, But Needs Repairs?

We buy houses that are in various conditions, from beautiful, move-in ready, to those that need a complete renovation down to the studs and foundation. We even buy houses full from decades of hoarding [link here for case study]. If your home has equity, but is in need of updating or renovations, then it may be a better fit to either sell your house for cash or if it qualifies, get into our Flip Partnership program, where we bring the experience and resources to renovate, then share the profit when it sells.
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