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Collaboration. Not Competition.

We’re different than others, because while most others are worried about competition, we know that through collaboration we can all benefit. We want you to succeed too.

Agent Friendly Investor vs Investor Friendly Agent

Both, investors and Realtors, want to talk about finding or being an investor friendly agent, but have you ever heard someone talk about an agent friendly investor? There’s a one sided discussion happening when the truth is, we all need to look at both sides to bring the most value to our respective businesses, clients, and communities.

Fill The Gap

Stop Wasting Time On Nasty Houses!

Do you ever spend time on or maybe even agree to a listing you don’t really want to deal with? Whether it’s too gross, doesn’t have enough equity to sell, or needs too much work, there are other ways to help these people. Rather than adding stress by taking on work you don’t enjoy or feeling bad for turning away someone in need, connect them with someone that can not only help, but loves dealing with problematic houses.

Don’t Let Your Listing Expire Without A Sale!

Chances are if a listing expires, that seller is NOT relisting with the same Realtor. Whether the client required a price higher than the market could handle, a foreclosure auction is fast approaching, buyer financing fell through, liens popped up on title, or an inspection scared the buyers off, houses still sometimes fail even in the strongest of a seller’s market. Regardless of what happened, why not close the listing out with a happy customer by getting them the sale they want?

Save Time

Spend time on qualified leads you want to work with. Let us help the others. Focus is the key to working with more of your ideal customers. Allowing you to spend less time, while being more productive. All while be happier in your business.

Bigger Impact

Positively impact more people by connecting them with resources that can best help for their specific needs. If you connect with a home owner that has a problem you can’t or simply don’t want to deal with, we can provide the solution they’re looking for.

Earn More

More referrals and positive reviews leads to more business. Become the go-to expert that everyone thinks of when they have a real estate problem. Be the one everyone is talking about when they say “If he/she can’t directly help, I know they will connect me with the best person that can”. By doing this you take a potential client you would have previously turned down, to someone referring all their friends and family.

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